Anonymous: So I had started masturbating and as soon as I reached climax some lightning came down and it lit up my room and I was like hell yeah! Like how Funny is that! And now it thundering and rain and I can scream to my climaxes wit the thunderstorms

that sounds so great :o 

Anonymous: Just found this and have gone through so much and saw the pics you uploaded of what i can only assume are you (with the hipster-esque glasses) and you are amazingly pretty. That is all

thank you love!!

Anonymous: how i send u my nudes?

submit button, kik or snapchat 

Anonymous: i wanna eat your wet little pussy. i bet it tastes so good

strawberries and cream

Anonymous: hey, can you answer this privately please? I'm 18 and I'm a virgin because I'm scared that my vag looks weird, can I send you a picture and can you tell me if it's ok or not?

of course :) kik it to me @ sstrwbrry so i can respond easily? i wont post it or anything :*